Good is not good enough as long as better is possible!

The famous dot on the "i": Our Advanced Series is oriented to professional users with extremely high standards. Here absolutely robust quality workmanship, first-class materials and the purest signal transmission are a matter of course. The reason is that high-end devices simply deserve the best cables. Without compromise.



The completely silver plated inner conductors offer optimal signal transmission, because silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals.

The redoubled and thus fourfold cable shielding eliminates electromagnetic disturbances to the greatest possible degree. The plug connectors in the Advanced Series are completely constructed of high-precision metal: they have an absolutely precise fit and withstand extremely high demands.

Pure gold contacts reduce transmission resistance to a minimum. So you can enjoy your hi-fi and home theater experiences clearly, dazzlingly and with high resolution.



Sophisticated and affordable at the same time!

Your perfect introduction to the challenging world of device cabling. It is sure to please anyone who sees that it’s not enough to connect high-quality flatscreens and speakers to a high-value system when a standard cable is the weakest link in the chain. The Casual Series offers you the latest generation of first-class hi-fi and home theater accessories. Experience excellent image quality and dynamic sound. And at an absolutely convincing price.  

During processing, we exclusively use inner conductors made of 99.99% oxygen-free copper. This ensures high flexibility of the cable as well as a clear signal transfers. 

Double cable shielding protects the entire series from external disruptive influences. All plug connectors are manufactured from triple molded PVC/ABS. This guarantees perfect fit accuracy and a robust grip.  


The 24-karat gold-plated contacts reduce transmission resistance to a minimum.