Product image Clicktronic MP3 audio cable advanced series
Product image Clicktronic MP3 audio cable advanced series
Box Clicktronic MP3 audio cable
Connectors MP3 audio cable
Designed in Germany
10 years warranty
99,99% silver plated copper
24 carat gold
4x shielding

MP3 audio cable

3.5 mm jack cable for MP3 Player, iPod, and Smartphone

The 3.5 mm jack cable provides a convenient option to connect portable audio devices to a HiFi system, mobile speakers, or the car radio. Due to full cover signal shielding, purest materials, and most precise workmanship the 3.5 mm audio connection is established in an instant.

  • silver plated copper conductor and 4 layers of shielding for optimum signal quality
  • 3.5 mm jack extension for portable audio devices via AUX-In
  • shielded high precision full metal connector
  • 24 carat gold plated contacts for minimum transfer resistances

Technical Data

Plug material: High precision full metal
Contact material: 24-Karat gold plated
Shielding: yes
Port 1, type: 3.5 mm stereo plug
Connector 1, connector length (mm): 30,3
Connector 1, connector width (mm): 9,8
Connector 1, connector height (mm): 8
Port 2, type: 3.5 mm stereo plug
Connector 2, connector length (mm): 30,3
Connector 2, connector width (mm): 9,8
Connector 2, connector height (mm): 8
Type: Round cable
Length (m): 1-1.5-3-5-10
Inner conductor material: SPC (silver plated, oxygen free copper)
Inner conductor diameter (mm): 2 x 25 x 0,120
AWG: 23
Number of shieldings: 4 x
Type of 1st shielding Aluminium foil
Type of 2nd shielding Copper braid 42 wires x 0.12 mm cross section
Type of 3rd shielding Aluminium foil
Type of 4th shielding fully conductive and shielding PVC
Outer sheath material: highly elastic PVC
Outer sheath diameter (mm): 3,85
Kink protection: on both sides
Signal transmission
Transmission modes: analog audio signals
max. Bandwidth (MHz): 10
Capacitance (pF): 155
Characteristic impedance (Ω): 50
Operating temperature from / to (°C): -10 / +80
Warranty (years): 10

Order-No / Lengths / Prices

Order-No   Length   Price (EUR)    
70676 1.00 24.90 4040849706769
70677 1.50 27.90 4040849706776
70679 3.00 34.90 4040849706790
70680 5.00 39.90 4040849706806
70682 10.00 49.90 4040849706820






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