New HDMI™accessories available now.

  • A new generation of HDMI™ devices has been added to our portfolio
  • Matrix, Splitters, Switches and Repeaters available now

Braunschweig, 04 April 2012 - As a match for the Casual and Advances Series cables Clicktronic introduced in September 2011, the manufacturer now also sells new HDMI™ devices for repeating and splitting signals. They allow professionals and ambitious home users alike to bridge large distances and to control several screens at trade fairs, conferences, retail stores, or in their own living rooms. 

FULL HD over up to 50 meters 
THe longest Clicktronic HDMI™ cables are 20m long. If that's not enough, the new Full HD Repeater can get you quite a bit further now. Thanks to active signal repetition and a built-in equalizer, signals at resolutions up to 1080p can now be transmitted reliably and loss-free over a total distance of 50 meters. Power is supplied via the HDMI™ cable, eliminating the need for a separate outlet for a power supply by the amplifier.

Controll uo to 64 screens simultaneously
The new shielded Full HD Splitters can split the HDMI™ signal from one source between 2,4 or 8 directly connected screens. Integrated signal repetition allows transmitting HD signals in 1080p as well as 3D TV over distances of up to 20m.

If necessary, combining several splitters in series will even allow controlling entire walls of screens. By coupling 8 Full HD Splitters with 8 HDMI™ outputs each, you can control up to 64 screens via single source. This serial option is standard on all models in the new series, and by combining different devices, systems can be expanded at any time.

More inputs for mixing devices
If your new flat screen TV did not come with enough HDMI™ inputs, Clicktronic has a solution: the new Full HD Switches. Each one can provide between 4 or 6 additional HDMI™ ports that can be switched with a remote or automatically (already built in).

For those who would like to combine several screens and input sources at the same time, there is the Full HD Matrix. It allows watching TV, using a game console, or surfing the Web on up to two projectors or screens. Operated with a remote control, the Matrix merges the best features of a splitter and of a switch in one device.

The new HDMI™ accessories are now available from retailers (prices are recommended retail prices): 



     Article no.


Full HD Repeater   



      54,95 EUR

Full HD Splitter

1 x 2


      99,95 EUR

Full HD Splitter

1 x 4 


     199,00 EUR

Full HD Splitter

1 x 8


    329,00 EUR

Full HD Switch

4 x 1


      89,95 EUR

Full HD Switch

6 x 1


      99,95 EUR

Full HD Matrix

4 x 2


    149,00 EUR