Digital/Analog Converters Expand Portfolio!

  • Clicktronic expands portfolio with two audio converters and an extractor
  • Devices connect hi-fi systems and TVs of different generations
  • Conversion of analog to digital or optical to electrical signals
  • Converter and extractor available for retailers starting immediately

Braunschweig, February 3, 2014 – Those who like to equip their home cinema with the latest technology find countless product innovations for every taste. Problems occur when trying to connect the latest conquest to already existing hi-fi systems or televisions at home. It is not rare to find that the connections do not fit, or that the outputs needed to connect a TV to a sound system are missing. For these cases, Clicktronic has now added two converters and an extractor to its portfolio.

Play digital signals on analog hi-fi components

The latest generations of Blu-ray® players, game consoles, and TV equipment usually have only digital audio outputs - but existing hi-fi components have only analog inputs. This problem is solved by the Digital/Analog Audio Converter - It converts digital signals to analog and thus makes it possible to use existing hi-fi components.

Conversion of digital audio signals on both sides

The TOSLINK/Coax Audio Converter connects a game console with optical audio output to a sound system with coaxial input. Through bidirectional conversion, both digital-optical and digital-electric signals can be converted into the appropriate other type of signal. In addition, it is possible to mirror a digital input signal and thus even forward it to two playback devices.

Great sound, even without separate audio output

The HDMI™ Audio Extractor decouples the audio signal from the HDMI™ stream and makes it available for separate optical, digital-electric, and analog transmission. That makes it possible to watch the video on your TV and listen to the sound via your hi-fi, if the signal source does not have a separate audio output, but only HDMI™.

Both converters and the extractor are available for retailers starting immediately at the following RRP:



Item no.


Digital/Analog Audio Converter


39,90 €

TOSLINK/Coax Audio Converter


39,90 €

HDMI™ Audio Extractor


99,90 €