Practical and handy plugs and cables for your music enjoyment

  • Clicktronic is expanding its portfolio of Dual and OFC speaker cables to include practical 10 m and 20 m spools
  • retailers profit from the sale of whole rolls instead of selling cable cut to length
  • new SimpleLock plugs make it possible to connect cables without tools
  • cables and plugs are available for retailers starting immediately

Braunschweig, April 10, 2014 – Lovers of good music place a high value on a highquality HiFi system and matching speakers. To ensure that in the end it is really pure, undistorted sound that fills the living room, the devices should also be connected using the best possible cables. For quick, uncomplicated connection of speaker cables, Clicktronic has now expanded its product range to include two especially simple types of plug as well as additional speaker cables in the practical lengths of 10 m and 20 m.

Harmonious sound from the roll

The classic speaker cables of pure copper are particularly well suited for your living room at home. They are available in the diameters 2 x 1.5 mm² and 2 x 2.5 mm². Thanks to the high-quality materials and workmanship, the cables are particularly flexible and can be installed quickly, even around corners. The thin wires and tightly stranded structure provide harmonious sound for your favorite music. For retailers, the new Clicktronic speaker cables also prove to be particularly beneficial. The spools are available in the often requested lengths of 10 m and 20 m; the cables don't have to be cut to size from big 100 m roles. This cuts down on unsalable remnants.

Screw in speaker cables in a flash, without tools

Available as banana or cable lug plugs, the new SimpleLock plugs have a twopart, screwable design. Cables with a diameter of up to 4 mm² can be inserted and tightened easily without using any additional tools. 

The speaker cables and plugs are available from Wentronic for retailers starting immediately.


Name Item no. RRP

2 x 1,5 mm² OFC speaker cable (10 m spool) 52798 21,90 €

2 x 1,5 mm² OFC speaker cable (20 m spool) 52799 43,80 €

2 x 2,5 mm² OFC speaker cable (10 m spool) 52818 29,90 €

2 x 2,5 mm² OFC speaker cable (20 m spool) 52819 59,80 €

2 x 2,5 mm² Dual speaker cable (10 m spool) 52812 55,90 €

2 x 2,5 mm² Dual speaker cable (20 m spool) 52813 111,80 €

Banana plug SimpleLock 52546 19,90 €

Cable lug plug SimpleLock 52547 19,90 €