• Clicktronic IFAStand in Halle 3.2 auf Stand 131
  • Verpackungskonzept mit Gesichtern

Welcome to a world premiere!

  • the premium German cable brand is exhibiting for the first time at IFA, the consumer electronics and home appliance show, in Berlin
  • the trade fair is venue for the world premiere of two product series and the completely redesigned brand communication
  • new cables will appeal to hi-fi and home theater novices as well as
    professional users - interested retail partners are highly welcome

Braunschweig, 21. July, 2011 – Over the last nine years, the German cable
manufacturer Clicktronic has already made a name for itself in accessories for
home theaters and hi-fi systems. With more than 1.4 million products sold and
after two years of development, the brand is reinventing itself from the ground up.
For the first time, two new product series and the redesigned brand identity
are being presented on the IFA grand stage to the global public. The new
brand promise, "Clicktronic: Entertainment. Pure." embodies the basic
philosophy of "clarity," which above all stands for the pure and unadulterated
signal transmission in all new developments.

A clear introduction.
In August, the cable series known as "Casual" becomes the entry line to the
new Clicktronic product world. It appeals to all users who recognize that highperformance cables, along with high-resolution flat screens and finely tuned speakers, are part of every good living room system. To assure that signal transmission stays unadulterated even in the Casual series, inner conductors are made of special, 99.99% oxygen-free copper, double cable shielding and 24-carat gold-plated contacts.

A clear advance.
"Advanced," the second cable line, was developed for professionals and users
with extremely high requirements. All the products in this series offer the
highest possible quality in their workmanship, materials and signals; they have been prepared for private as well as professional use. Robust, high-precision metal connectors provide decades of functional quality. End-to-end silverplated cable strands, redoubled shielding and pure gold contacts assure the best possible signal quality.

Sober-minded cable. Presented with emotion.
A completely revised brand identity accompanies these new technological highlights. It includes an unusual packaging design: Clicktronic displays different facial expressions of people, as they watch TV or listen to music. Up to now, this approach is absolutely unique for a cable manufacturer and ought to draw a lot of attention to the new products at the point of sale, since consumers can see themselves in these faces.

The Clicktronic booth 131 will be located in hall 3.2.

About Clicktronic:
Since 2002, the brand stands for first-class home theater and hi-fi accessories developed in Germany. Its product line-up is
distinguished by its pure, unadulterated signal quality, the highest-value materials and long-term functional quality. As a
premium manufacturer, Clicktronic® offers a 10-year warranty on all its products. Clicktronic® is a registered trademark of
Wentronic GmbH. Go to for more information.

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