We are a family-owned company headquartered in Braunschweig, with branch offices in Hong Kong and China. Clicktronic was founded in 2002 as a German manufacturer of premium home theater and hi-fi accessories, with the vision of creating a high-quality range of accessories supporting visual and audio experiences like those found in theater or concert halls. Even then, the product quality that we offered and our outstanding value for money impressed every customer making a purchase. The reason: Clicktronic offered significantly more technology and greater signal quality than a standard cable could ever deliver. In 2006, due to our success, we made another advance in the technical features of our products and their look and feel.

In 2011, Clicktronic is completely reinventing itself. Our aspiration to develop the brand further originated in our passion to provide more than was already there. More than what people expected from us. Over a period of two years, we have constantly advanced Clicktronic‘s development, continually keeping the absolute purity of signal transmission in mind. With a great deal of attention to detail, a rare combination of design and functionality ultimately emerged, offering a complete entity. Our products now form a complementary building block, thought out logically to its conclusion. They adhere to the level of a sophisticated, hi-fi system in technology and quality.